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PROJECT Bitcoin Monster White Paper
RELEASE April 27, 2018


The economy for digital currencies has grown by more than a thousand percent in the past two years and Cryptocurrencies have emerged as the latest brave market in the trading world. This has led us to a modern way of investment with new, safe and transparent technology (Blockchain). Bitcoin Monster blockchain technology revolutionizes this new era of investment by aligning economic incentives in a decentralized community

What is Bitcoin Monster

Bitcoin Monster is a new decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Monster was developed and created by solid developers that have the same vision. Our main goal is to make instant and private payments. Along with a Masternode System that will ensure stable return on investment. Monsterize Your Asset !!

Our Vision and Mission

Bitcoin Monster is a product from Monster Technologies which is our main company based on the blockchain industry. Bitcoin Monster`s goal is to make instant and private payments. Along with a Masternode System that will ensure stable return on investment which will also provide a user friendly, automated (MN) investment platform for all Bitcoin Monster holders.

Our main goal with Monster Technologies is to become one of the most important players and providers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Our values

Bitcoin Monster Coin Specifications

Advantages & Features


January 2018
CONCEPT AND DEVELOPMENT Concept and Development on Bitcoin Monster Coin, Bitcoin Monster was created by solid developers that have the same vision
February 2018
WEBSITE CREATION Website is done. Bitcoin Monster coin development is in progress to become a stable and reliable leading cryptocurrency
February 2018
COIN CREATION Join our Discord group for more information and updates about Bitcoin Monster`s progress
March 2018
OFFICIAL LAUNCH Proof Of Work - Master Nodes - Block Explorer - Wallets - Marketing Materials & Guides for Public Use - Bounties
April 2018
EXCHANGES Bitcoin Monster will be listed on at least three exchanges; Graviex - Cryptohub - Octaex - SouthXchange
April 2018
COIN DIRECTORY Bitcoin Monster will be listed on coin directory: Coinmarketcap, Masternode.Online and
May 2018
AUTOMATED MASTERNODE PLATFORM Will be working together with Masternode & Staking platform to make it automatic
June 2018
NEW COIN LAUNCH (COCO) Bitcoin Monster (MON) with its low circulating supply and unique features will be used to "extend" our second product of Monster Technologies "Cookie Coin - COCO". This type of product is also called co-forking, The COCO purchase will use MON in order to create demand and to sync between each coin by rewarding the MON holders a Cookie Coin - More information is coming May 2018
July - August 2018
MASTERNODE & STAKING PLATFORM Initial Launch of Monster Lab Masternode & Staking Platform. Host your MON and COCO with us and make it automatic without installing or renting any VPS !!
August 2018
UPGRADE & MORE EXCHANGES Website maintenance and upgrade, Mobile wallet - Web and Paper Wallet. In addition, Bitcoin Monster will be adding at least 3 more exchanges
October 2018
FUNCTIONS AND PAYMENT CHANNELS Integrate more functions and protocols to website. Integrate and expand payment channels
November - December 2018
EXPANSION Monster Tech inital launch - Monster Exchange, Branding, Expansion & Company Registration - Launch Payment Gateways & Connecting Stores


This document is currently considered a draft, and while we make every effort to ensure that any material herein is accurate and up to date, it may not be exhaustive. It contains forward-looking statements and is likely subject to further changes without notice.

Bitcoin Monster is not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction, and you may not acquire any if that conflicts with any laws in the jurisdiction or you are subject. This document is not meant as investment advice, and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship. If you are in doubt please ask a professional legal advice.