Beep... Beep...
Hello, I am Montip..

Monster Tip Bot is very useful as a tipping bot and automated airdrop
You can use Monster Tipbot in your discord group for free !!

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Documentation Install Montip
.help = Shows all the command
.bal = Shows your balance
.cap = Shows the coins marketcap information
.stats = Shows your stats
.tip [@user] [amount] = Tip a user [amount] of MON
.soak [amount] = Soaks [amount] of MON over all online users
.rain [amount] = Rains [amount] of MON over all online users who have talked in this channel in the past half hour
.deposit = Get your deposit address
.withdraw [address] [amount] = Withdraw [amount|all] of MON to [address] (0.01 MON fee)
.block = Shows the block current block I am on
.invite = Shows my invite link
.donate = Help fund the bot!
.admin = [add|remove] [@user] add/remove user as admin of bot settings
.admin totalbalance = Shows all admin balance/daemon balance
.config [get|set|getall] [key] [value]= Change server bot configuration
enable_rain :: true
total_min_rain :: 1
min_rain_per_user :: 0.01
enable_rain_tagging :: true
enable_soak :: true
total_min_soak :: 10
min_soak_per_user :: 0.01
enable_soak_tagging :: true
min_tip :: 0.001